Recording Studio

YnG RobB

SEP 15th 2017

After spreading his poetry to the community, he gets back in his car and drives back to his house deep in the heart of Watts.

His room feels like an 8’ x 8’ phone booth that consists of a beat up futon and shelves that houses glossy handouts of his poems and a tattoo kit. The walls that enclose the room look as if they could bend to the will of a calm breeze, and breathes more than a moth-ravaged sweater.

Despite his humble appearance, his carries himself like a person who has everything. His smile is infectious and his confidence when reciting poetry draws in even the most hardened South Los Angeles resident like a harmless siren song.

YnG RobB

YnG RobB' songs:

t. +1 323 839-7716

1141 Seward St., Hollywood, CA, 90038 USA